We'd want to hear about any ideas you have that will challenge our readers and advance our industry. Make sure you read our write for us guide before sending your pitch. Our goal is to provide readers with a new viewpoint on a subject that keeps us awake at night. It's also a fulfilling experience. Thousands of your peers (and possible employers, clients, or publishers) will read your work, and you'll learn a lot along the way—about articulating your ideas, writing, and even about the subject, you thought you knew so well when you started.

Our guest post rules spell out exactly what we're looking for, so you can be confident that your submission will be accepted by our editors. We're looking forward to hearing about your craft and writing ideas for blog posts.

Writing for us is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and identify yourself as an authority in your subject. You'll also gain visibility through our social media outlets, references, and goodwill.

Please go through this entire page since it outlines the criteria, the submission procedure, and the kind of content we accept in detail.

Before You write For us: What We Keep an Eye On

Comprehensive, data-driven, entertaining, and instructional guest post contributions should be well structured. 

Make sure that your submission maximizes your chances of being published on our site:

• Is a timely, well-researched article (ideally 1500 words or more) with useful advice.

• If your pitch is so great, but we couldn't publish it for whatsoever reason, we might suggest a topic from our content calendar if you are a great fit

• Is entirely unique and has never been published before. Anything that has already been published elsewhere will not be republished (including on your blog).

• Only statements backed up by reliable research or case studies are included. No use of unnecessary advertising links to websites (You are allowed two links to a non-advertising page), and avoid referencing our rivals.

• Provides relevant examples and graphics to support your argument. Stock pictures that offer no value to the writing should be avoided.

• When utilizing photos, be careful not to infringe on copyright. When it's necessary, give credit.

• Make the article legible by using subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs.

• You may send an outline with a rough text, a partial document, or a brief pitch (a paragraph or two outlining your point and why it matters to our readers). We can provide better comments if your contribution is more thorough.

• Press releases and sales pitches are not acceptable.

When your application has been approved, you must submit it in the following manner.

Send us an email with your entry. Editors will be able to give criticism and help immediately within your draft if you submit your work as a Google document. (Unless an editor specifically requests it, do not submit a ZIP file containing assets.)

PS: Do not use the Contact us form to send a pitch; your pitch would be ignored.

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