How To Change Your Name On Facebook

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You might find it challenging to navigate through Facebook settings or search for how to change your name on Facebook.

We have made a short and straightforward guide on how to go about this. 

Facebook is a famous social media sites platform. It has a network of billions of customers spread across the globe. Joining on Facebook, you can share your memories on your account with your loved ones living in any part of the globe.

Facebook allows you to change your username in Android and the iOS application. You can follow these actions to customize your Facebook profile name if you are not satisfied with your Chosen name or desire to make it much better.

howto change name on facebook

Precisely how to change your name on Facebook for Android?

Action 1: Open your Facebook application.

Action 2: After that, Click on the 3 ‘straight lines or Dots'.

Action 3: Now, scroll down to see ‘settings & (personal) privacy.'

Action 4: Faucet on ‘settings & privacy.'

Action 5: After that, select ‘settings.'

Action 6: Go to ‘ Personal Information.

Action 7: Then, choose ‘name'.

Action 8: Enter your brand-new name or customize the existing one.

Action 9: Afterwards, tap ‘review' modification.

Action 10: Enter your password.

Action 11: Tap ‘Save changes'.

What is Facebook's name adjustment plan?

While you do not have to utilize your full legal name on Facebook, there are regulations regarding what kinds of Names you can and can not use.

Facebook chooses its customers to utilize the Names they use in their daily life.

Facebook names can not include the following:

  • Symbols, numbers, nonstandard capitalization, repeating personalities, or spelling
  • Personalities from greater than one language
  • Titles of any kind (expert, spiritual, or something else)
  • Words or phrases as opposed to a name.
  • Words or phrases that violate Facebook's community policies and Specifications.
  • Words or expressions that stand for organizations as opposed to people. Facebook Profiles are for individuals, while Pages are for companies, services, and concepts.

Regarding nicknames, Facebook permits them for initial or middle names as long as they are a variant of your actual name (like Mike instead of Michael). Impersonating other customers is not allowed on Facebook and breaks their Community Policies and Standards.

How to change your name on Facebook for iPhone?

Step 1: Open your Facebook application.

Step 2: After that, tap on the 3 ‘straight lines at the bottom.

Step 3: Now, scroll to see ‘setups & privacy.'

Step 4: Tap on ‘settings & personal privacy.'

Step 5: After that, select ‘settings.'

Step 6: Choose ‘ info.'

Step 7: Then, press ‘name'.

Step 8: Enter your new name or change the existing one.

Step 9: Afterwards, Click on ‘Review Changes.'

Step 10: Enter your password.

Step 11: Click on ‘Save Changes'.

Note: You will undoubtedly be only able to change your name every 60 days.

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How to make use of a nickname on Facebook

1. Open up the Facebook app for iPhone or Android.

2. Tap the Menu icon at the bottom-right of the screen for iPhone top-right of the display for Android.

3. Scroll down the checklist. Click on Settings & Privacy, after that Settings.

4. Faucet Personal and Account Details.

5. Click on “name”.

6. Then you can Include a nickname or a birth name.

7. Choose a Name Type (nickname, maiden name, Name on Valid Document, etc.), enter your name, then tap Save.


Does your present Name on Facebook no longer fit who you are? From getting wed to intending to go by a middle versus the given name, you can change your Name on Facebook. While there are some limitations, the procedure is surprisingly straightforward, particularly for Facebook.

Before you change your Name on Facebook, it is necessary to recognize Facebook's regulations and constraints. The significant restrictions consist of:

  • Titles; such as doctor or professional
  • Phrases and also words that are not names
  • Numbers, icons, or spelling Symptomatic or offensive words.

Facebook wants you to utilize your real name. This name must be the name that appears on a formal document, such as your birth certificate, expenses, or driver's license. That is primarily a result of circumstances where you lose access to your account. Utilizing your real name allows you to send one of Facebook's accepted IDs as proof of who you are. An additional approach is setting trusted calls to help you.

As an alternative, you can additionally add another name, such as adding a label or maiden name to your existing name. It allows you to maintain your official title for recovery Purposes.

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One more essential point to keep in mind is you can only transform your name every sixty days. Otherwise, your account may be flagged. There is one workaround. If you edit your name or somebody hacked your account and altered it, you could recover the last name if you can log in and change it back within 48 hours.

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