Is Facebook Ad Credit Free? – The Whole Story Will Shock You

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Facebook Ad credits are a type of payment that you may use to pay for your Facebook and Instagram ads.

There are two ways to get Facebook ad credit:

  1. Using or periodic in-product marketing.
  2. Facebook’s collaborations with other websites or businesses.
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Facebook currently does not allow you to buy or request ad credits directly.

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Is Facebook Ad Credit Free? What is the procedure for obtaining facebook ad credits for Free?

When you use an ad credit, it covers all of your account’s advertising charges. In addition to the ad you generated to redeem your ad credit, this covers every ad running on your ad account. Your ad credit will be charged every day as long as you have an active ad until it expires or runs out.

If you have ad credit at the campaign level, your campaign will first use it. If your campaign is still running when the campaign-level ad credit runs out, it will use your account-level ad credits or primary payment method to continue. Note: You may not be able to use this feature right now.

Monthly billing ad accounts can now use Ads Manager payment settings to activate ad credit at the account or campaign level. The feature can be found in the activation of an ad credit phase. You can now assign the ad credit to one or more campaigns in your ad account, in addition to account-level activation. As a result, coupon spending will be restricted to the campaigns that have been selected (s).

In the Assigned to campaigns subsection below the Account ad credits section, you may be able to switch the ad credit to the account level or change the campaign ID(s) linked with it. Click the More choices (three horizontal dots) icon to access and edit the campaign, where a pop-up box will prompt you to apply the ad credit’s existing balance to the ad account level or other campaigns. After you’ve saved your modifications, the ad credit will be accessible for use in new campaigns or at the account level.

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You can give campaign-level ad credits to one or several ad campaigns if you utilize monthly invoicing to pay for your advertisements. This is where your campaign will start. If your campaign is still running when the campaign-level ad credit runs out, it will use your account-level ad credits or primary payment method to continue.

Any advertising costs incurred prior to the addition of an ad credit to your account will not be covered by an ad credit. Those expenses, as well as any expenses incurred after your ad credit has been depleted, will be charged to your ad account’s primary payment method.

Keep in mind that your daily ad budget will never exceed your overall ad spend. Set a campaign spending limit or an account spending limit if you don’t want to spend more than the value of your ad credit.

Do ad credits have a limit on how many times they can be used?

Within 30 days of receiving your ad credit, you must create an ad to redeem it. After redeeming your ad credit, you will have 30 days to use it before it expires. To check how much of your ad credit is remaining and when it expires, go to your Payment settings.

What Are the Best Places to Look for Facebook Ad Credit?

Because Facebook stopped widely disseminating ad coupons in 2015, they are extremely hard to come by. While they aren’t simple to come by — and there are many Facebook ad credit scams — Facebook advertising coupons can be obtained as part of seasonal or one-time events, through their affiliate ad (referral) network, on Facebook partner sites, and at Facebook conferences.

There are four primary ways to obtain a free Facebook ad credit:

  1. Facebook will occasionally give a promotional advertising voucher straight through Facebook Ads Manager. Only individuals who already have a Facebook ad account are eligible for these. They can be emailed to the ad account’s email address or displayed prominently on the Ads Manager dashboard.
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2. Existing Facebook marketers can join the Facebook affiliate ad program. It rewards these marketers with a $10 ad credit if they refer new businesses to Facebook. Only the Facebook Ads Manager account is eligible for this offer.

3. Facebook partnership sites: Facebook has a number of official partners who offer marketers discounts on Facebook advertising if they purchase their products or services. These are often offered to new clients, though seasonal specials may be available on occasion. Wix, for example, gives customers who sign up for one of its premia plans a $50 Facebook ad discount.

4. Facebook events: Facebook sponsors a variety of events across the world, and as a thank-you to businesses that participate, they occasionally offer advertising coupons.

Facebook ad credit used to be simple to get by, but that is no longer the case. Ad vouchers were no longer readily available on Facebook as of 2015. You must now be a current Facebook advertiser, attend a Facebook event, or obtain an ad coupon from an affiliate partner in order to obtain ad coupons.

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Be Aware of Facebook Ad Credit Scams.

For years, businesses looking to use Facebook’s paid marketing tools have been duped by fake ad vouchers sold by companies unrelated to Facebook. Be cautious if you see Facebook ad credit from companies that aren’t Facebook’s approved partners. The most typical Facebook ad credit scam entails selling coupons to marketers that are interested. This is illegal and in violation of Facebook’s regulations.

Coupons for Facebook Ads aren’t the only thing available on the internet.

Given the paucity of Facebook ad credit, additional pay-per-click (PPC) ad platforms including Bing, Google, and Twitter should be considered. These platforms’ advertising coupons are often much easier to come by; all three constantly give them to promote their advertising platforms to businesses.

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The three most popular Facebook Credit (Coupon) alternatives are as follows:

Coupons for Microsoft Marketing

All searches are powered by Microsoft Ads, a Microsoft-owned search platform. They provide a variety of ad coupons that may be utilized on their paid search platforms in various amounts. Most of the time, this takes the form of free ad credit when a company spends a particular amount of money on Microsoft and Yahoo ads. However, partners such as Wix, Bluehost, and Microsoft Azure may occasionally grant credits.

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Microsoft Advertising vouchers are available in four different ways:

  1. Get a $100 ad credit when you spend $25 on Bing advertisements directly through Microsoft Advertising.

2. Wix website builder: After spending $25 on the Microsoft Advertising platform, users who sign up for a premium Wix account will receive $100 in ad credit that can be used on Bing. On plans starting at $14/month, the ad coupon is available.

3. If you join up for any of Bluehost’s low-cost site hosting plans, you’ll receive a $150 credit valid on Microsoft Advertising. Plans start at $2.95 a month and include a free domain name, free business email, and a free SSL certificate, among other features.

4. Microsoft Azure includes a free $200 Microsoft Advertising credit with every hosting plan.

A Microsoft Advertising voucher is a wonderful method for new marketers to test out the platform and see whether it’s suited for them. It’s fairly comparable to Google, however, it offers a lower cost-per-click and less ad competition in general. This makes landing in the top ad slots easier, providing your company with more exposure at a reduced cost. Find out more about using Bing to promote your business (now Microsoft Ads).

Ad Coupons from Google

Because Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet, it is an excellent advertising platform. Google offers a variety of ad deals, including new advertiser incentives and free ad credits for those who join up for Wix or HostGator.

You may acquire a free Google Ads coupon in five different ways:

  1. Directly from Google: Getting a Google Ads coupon directly from Google is the best way to go. New and existing advertisers are frequently offered promotional ad coupons. When you spend $50 on Google advertisements, you will receive a $100 ad credit. Get Google’s offer by clicking here.

2. Bluehost is a well-known web host. Get a $150 Google Ads ad credit when you sign up for any web hosting plan with Bluehost. You may obtain a free domain name, an SSL certificate, business email, and more for as low as $2.95 per month. To learn more, go to its website and select “Get Started.”

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3. HostGator: Another popular web hosting company is HostGator. HostGator offers a free $100 Google Ads credit to those who sign up for a hosting package. Monthly hosting rates begin at $2.75.

4. Squarespace is a website builder with a simple interface. When you spend $25 or more on a premium plan, you’ll automatically get a $100 Google Ads credit. This offer is only applicable for new Google Ads subscribers; current Google Ads accounts are not eligible.

5. Wix: Wix is a drag-and-drop web host and website builder that is excellent for folks with no technical skills. Those who join up for a premium Wix account (beginning at $14/month) will receive an automatic $100 ad credit that can be used on Google Ads after spending $25 on the platform.

With over 2 trillion queries every day, Google Ads is the world’s most popular sponsored search network. Ads on Google are great for conversion-stage searchers who are ready to make a purchase; they are frequently looking for specific keywords to get tailored product or business information. Learn how to get started with Google Ads in our beginner’s guide to Google advertising.

Coupons from Twitter Ads

With over 320 million monthly users, Twitter is a similar social media network to Facebook. Because Twitter advertising are still relatively new, the company is now providing new users with a promotional ad credit to encourage them to get started. By registering your ad account, you can get a $25 credit from Twitter right now.

How can I use a Facebook ad credit code? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following the development of their first campaign, new advertisers can redeem a Facebook ad credit by entering it throughout the payment process. Advertisers that already have a code can enter it in “Payment Settings.” Simply pick “Add Payment Method” from the “Payment Method” box after clicking it. Finally, go to “Facebook Ad Credit” and type in your code.

What is the cost of Facebook advertisement?

Advertisers only pay for the clicks on their ads because Facebook advertising is charged on an impression (CPM) basis. On Facebook, the average cost per click is $1.86, but it ranges from less than $1 to more than $5. Advertisers choose a daily budget for adverts, with a minimum of two clicks each day.

However, Facebook advertising has become more expensive as at post COVID-19 and iOS14 update

Is there a program for Facebook affiliates?

Yes. Facebook has an affiliate advertising program that functions more like a referral program than an affiliate program. For each friend that signs up for a Facebook Ads account, current marketers will receive $10 in Facebook advertising credit.

What is the new Facebook user boost all about?

Rather than establishing a new ad from the Facebook Ads Manager, users can pay to have their post shared with people outside of their network, which is referred to as a “boosted” post. This boosts the post’s visibility and brand recognition. Boosted posts are often less expensive than conventional Facebook ads, but they have fewer targeting options.


It’s not easy to get Facebook ad discounts, although free credits are sometimes available during promotions and events, as well as through third-party partners. Consider Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Twitter Ads if you’re looking for more accessible ad coupons.

Businesses can receive free credits for use on Facebook’s social advertising platform using Facebook ad credit. It’s a fantastic method for people who are new to Facebook advertising to get a feel for the site without having to commit any money. Free Facebook ad credits are hard to come by, but they can be found through Facebook promotions, events, and collaboration.

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FAQs on Facebook Ad Credit

What is Facebook ad credit?

Facebook ad credit is a form of currency that can be used to pay for advertising on the Facebook platform. It can be purchased and added to your ad account, and then used to pay for ad campaigns, such as boosting posts or running ads in the Facebook news feed or on Instagram.

How do I buy Facebook ad credit?

You can buy Facebook ad credit by going to the Facebook Ads Manager and clicking on the “Billing” tab. From there, you can select the option to purchase ad credit and choose the amount you wish to purchase. Payment methods can include credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Is there a limit to how much Facebook ad credit I can purchase?

There is no set limit to how much Facebook ad credit you can purchase, but there may be restrictions based on your ad account’s spending limit or other factors.

How can I use Facebook ad credit?

Facebook ad credit can be used to pay for ad campaigns, such as boosting posts or running ads on the Facebook news feed or on Instagram. You can also use it to pay for ads on the Facebook Audience Network and Marketplace.

Can I use Facebook ad credit towards a specific ad campaign?

Yes, you can use Facebook ad credit towards a specific ad campaign. When you set up your ad campaign, you can choose to use ad credit as the payment method.

Can I buy Facebook ad credit for someone else?

It’s not possible to directly purchase Facebook ad credit for someone else. However, you can add a payment method to another person’s ad account by going to the Billing section of their Ads Manager, and then add the card information.

Are there any discounts available when purchasing Facebook ad credit?

There may be promotions or discounts available when purchasing Facebook ad credit, but this can vary and change over time. Keep an eye out for any special offers from Facebook or from third-party sellers.

How long does it take for Facebook ad credit to be applied to my account?

The time it takes for Facebook ad credit to be applied to your account can vary depending on the payment method used. Typically, credit card or PayPal payments are applied immediately, while bank transfers can take several days to process.

Can I use Facebook ad credit across multiple accounts?

Facebook ad credit is tied to the specific ad account it was added to and cannot be transferred or used across multiple accounts.

How can I check my remaining Facebook ad credit balance?

You can check your remaining Facebook ad credit balance by going to the Ads Manager and clicking on the “Billing” tab. Your available ad credit will be displayed on that page.

Are there any expiration dates for Facebook ad credit?

There may be expiration dates for Facebook ad credit, depending on the terms of the purchase. Be sure to check the terms when you purchase ad credit to see if there is an expiration date.

Can I refund or cancel my purchase of Facebook ad credit?

Facebook’s advertising policies state that all payments for advertising on the platform are non-refundable. This includes purchases of ad credit. Once you have made a purchase, it is not possible to request a refund or cancel the transaction. It is important to keep this in mind when making a purchase and to ensure that you are comfortable with the amount before confirming the transaction.

How can I apply my Facebook ad credit towards a new ad campaign?

To apply your Facebook ad credit towards a new ad campaign, you will need to log into your Facebook account and go to the Ads Manager or Power Editor. From there, you can create a new ad campaign and select the payment method as “Ad Credit” while setting up the ad campaign. The available credit in your account will be automatically applied to the cost of the ad campaign.

Can I use Facebook ad credit in conjunction with other payment methods?

Yes, you can use Facebook ad credit in conjunction with other payment methods when creating and running ad campaigns. When setting up a new ad campaign, you will have the option to choose “Ad Credit” as the payment method, but you can also add a secondary payment method such as a credit card or PayPal. In this case, the ad credit will be applied first and any remaining balance will be charged to the secondary payment method.

Are there any restrictions on the use of Facebook ad credit?

Facebook’s advertising policies do not place any specific restrictions on the use of ad credit, but there may be limitations on the types of ads that can be run using ad credit. Additionally, Facebook reserves the right to remove or restrict access to ad credit if it determines that an account is in violation of its advertising policies.

How can I maximize my use of Facebook ad credit?

To maximize the use of your Facebook ad credit, you should carefully plan and target your ad campaigns. This includes researching your target audience and selecting the appropriate ad format and targeting options. Additionally, you should monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments as necessary to optimize results.

Are there any fees associated with purchasing Facebook ad credit?

Facebook does not charge any fees for purchasing ad credit. However, it is important to note that your payment method may be subject to additional fees such as transaction or currency conversion fees, depending on your payment method.

Can I purchase Facebook ad credit in bulk?

Facebook does not currently offer the option to purchase ad credit in bulk. However, you can make multiple purchases of ad credit over time to build up a balance in your account.

How does Facebook ad credit differ from other forms of Facebook ad payment?

Facebook ad credit is a pre-paid balance that can be applied towards the cost of running ad campaigns on the platform. Other forms of payment for Facebook ads include credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods. The main difference is that with ad credit, you are prepaying for ad spend, while with other forms of payment, you are paying after the ad is run. Additionally, ad credit can only be used on Facebook, while other forms of payment can also be used on other platforms such as Instagram.

Can I use Facebook ad credit for ads on Instagram or other platforms?

Facebook ad credit can only be used to run ads on Facebook. It cannot be used to run ads on Instagram or any other platforms.

Are there any promotions or offers for buying Facebook ad credit?

Facebook occasionally runs promotions and offers for buying ad credit, such as bonus credit or discounts on larger purchases. These promotions and offers may change over time and may vary by region.

Can I use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, you can use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Instagram. The ad credit can be used towards any ad campaign that runs on the Facebook platform, which includes both Facebook and Instagram.

How does Facebook ad credit affect my ad campaign’s targeting options?

Facebook ad credit does not affect your ad campaign’s targeting options. You can still target your ads to specific audiences and demographics even if you are using ad credit.

Is it possible to transfer Facebook ad credit to another account?

It is not possible to transfer Facebook ad credit to another account. Ad credit is tied to the account it was purchased for and cannot be transferred.

Can I use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Audience Network?

Yes, you can use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Audience Network. The ad credit can be used towards any ad campaign that runs on the Facebook platform, which includes both Facebook and Audience Network.

How does Facebook ad credit affect my ad campaign’s budget?

Facebook ad credit does not affect your ad campaign’s budget. You can still set a budget for your ad campaign even if you are using ad credit. Ad credit is applied as a form of payment towards the costs of your ad campaign, rather than affecting the budget itself.

Are there any additional benefits to using Facebook ad credit?

Using Facebook ad credit may make it easier to manage ad spend and budgeting, as the credit is pre-purchased and can be applied to your ad campaigns as needed. Additionally, some businesses may offer discounts or promotions when purchasing ad credit.

Can I use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Marketplace?

Yes, you can use Facebook ad credit for ads on both Facebook and Marketplace. The ad credit can be used towards any ad campaign that runs on the Facebook platform, which includes both Facebook and Marketplace.

Is $5 a day enough for Facebook ads?

$5 a day is a relatively small budget for Facebook ads, and it may not be enough to reach a large audience or see significant results. However, it is possible to create effective ad campaigns with a small budget by targeting a specific audience, using ad formats that are more cost-effective, and testing different ad creatives to see which performs best.

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Ads?

No, there is no monthly fee for Facebook Ads. Advertisers are only charged for the ads they run and the costs are based on the ad campaign settings such as targeting, ad format, and bid strategy.

Can I add credit to Facebook ads?

Yes, you can add credit to your Facebook ads account by purchasing Facebook ad credit or by linking a payment method to your account.

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